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    Highlights from ONECA Conference 2023

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  • Yves Salomon, President of ONECA



    Welcome to the Organization of New England Chapters of Alpha

    There are 6 states that make up ONECA: CT, MA, RI, NH, ME, and VT.
    Instrumental Chapters in the foundation building along with BSL was HAL (New Haven, CT),
    TIL (Springfield, MA), ZPL (Stamford, CT), EGL (Boston, MA) and AG (Brown University).

    As we stand today, close to 30 years later, ONECA is still strong and vibrant
    in the Greater New England area with 16 Chapters performing the work of Alpha.

    working with elementary, middleschool and high school students to excel academically
    and prepare them for college (Go-To-High School, Go-To College program)

    Stressing the importance of voting and providing communities information and a platform
    to discuss the issues in their communities. (A Voteless People is a Hopeless People)


    Providing information on preventing teen pregnancy and teen health issues (Project Alpha)