• Welcome to the Home of ONECA


    Join us for our 42nd District Conference. 

    This is my 1st conference as the President/District Director and I, along with our Vice President/Assistant District Director Bro. Ricardo Mullings are ready to serve you next week!!!  We will be in Boston, MA on the campus of Northeastern University: 


    Saturday, November 22nd 2014 

    8:30 AM – 6:00 PM (more details to follow) 

    The John D. O’Bryant African American Institute 

    Northeastern University 

    40 Leon Street, West Village F 

    Boston, MA 02115 

    Click here for Parking Resources


    The team is excited to present a solid agenda to showcase the events that have taken place in ONECA.  Our hope is that Brothers get to their laptops and smartphones and REGISTER right NOW! 


    We have opened ONECA UNIVERSITY doors for Professional Development workshops.  This conference will feature our very own expert Professors to teach the following courses:


    Course:              Social Media Management!


    Professor:         Bro. Ramon Peralta, peraltA design


    Snippet:            Does your social media's digital footprint build your social and professional mark?

    Course:              (Mis) Understanding Our Role; Engagement Beyond VPHP!


    Professor:       Bro. State Rep. Brandon L. McGee, Jr., CT House Democrats, 5th Assembly District


    Snippet:            Does your vote really count?  Yes!  But, voting is not enough.


    Course:              Finding your Voice in a Crowd: Networking!


    Professor:         Bro. Ramon Peralta, peraltA design


    Snippet:            Are you green entering the room?  Will they know you after you leave?

    Course:             Chapter Officers Development Training


    Professor:         Bro. Lynn Worthy, Executive Director


    Snippet:            What does National’s say about how you should govern in your leadership role(s)?


    Additionally, our Oratorical Contest will be competitive as our College Brothers address:


    ‘Modern Media and its Effects on Black America’


    Special Note, our ERVP R. Anthony Mills will kick us off with the State of the Region address; and later he will openly address any inquiries pertaining to the Region.

    Host Hotel 

    Hampton Inn & Suites Boston, Crosstown Center 

    Starting Rates $119 for King- Size or $129 for two Queen-Size bed


    District will host a Hospitality Suite here.


    Stay Tuned for our Saturday Night Activities


    Brothers, thank you for all your efforts and please make sure that you REGISTER NOW! 







    Bro. Marvin L. Venay

    Special Guest: Bro. R. Anthony Mills, Sr. ERVP & Bro. Julian J. Jackson, ERAVP
    Please note that it is mandatory for all Fall ’14 initiates to attend the conference.

  • District II Director- Bro. Marvin l. Venay

    Asst. District II Director- Bro. Ricardo Mullings