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    Zeta, Yale University

    Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was founded on April 10th, 1909 and re-activated on March 29th, 1913 by twelve enthusiastic brothers. These brothers were A.J. Allen, J.W. Anderson, Charles H. Wesley, E.E. Caple, John M. Ross, Beale Elliott, Nimrod All, William N. Bishop, Frank Adams, John H. Lewis, Aiken A. Pope and Charles W. Burton.
    The War Years encountered an intermittent period of inactivity. It was not until 1966 that a group of trailblazing men re-ignited the Zeta flame and maintained an active group responsible for many of the programs supporting ethnic diversity at Yale University. Many of these brothers were responsible for the establishment of the Black Student Alliance at Yale, Yale's Afro-American Cultural Center (The oldest and largest in the East), and one of the finest and most prestigious African-American studies programs in the nation.
    The seventies experienced a short period of inactivity which was followed by re-activation in 1983. A group of nine highly motivated men formed the re-activation line of Synesis. 1984 saw five more intensely dedicated brothers, who comprised the Pegasus line. In 1985, brother Stanley Horton did what few have done before. He alone formed the Apollo line and crossed the burning sands. Brother Horton was followed by two more brothers in 1986 and seven brothers in 1987. 1988 saw the nine members of the Ennea Rex line cross the sands followed by six brothers of the ZetaHexad line.
    There has been close communication with many of the past brothers of the Zeta Chapter. After leaving Yale, these brothers continued Zeta's tradition of excellence and accomplishment. For 100 years Zeta Chapter has been serving the community and holding the light of Alpha high. With Zeta In Mind, Alpha In Spirit, and Service In Our Hearts, We Continue The Tradition!




    Varies Annually.


    2006, 2007, and 2008 ONECA District Chapter of the Year
    2007 Lambda Alpha Upsilon & Sigma Iota Alpha Stroll Competition
    2007 Step Into the Light Step Show Winner
    2006 O.N.E.C.A. District Brother of The Year - Aaron W. Luke
    2006 O.N.E.C.A. District Oratorical Contest Winner - Aaron W. Luke
    2006 O.N.E.C.A. District Step Show Champions
    2006 Alpha Gamma 85th Anniversary Step Show Championship - 1st Place
    2005 LAU Stroll Competition -1st Place

    Organization Facts

    On April 10, 1909 Zeta Chapter recently celebrated the 100 year anniversary of its founding at Yale University in New Haven, CT.
    Three out of seven men honored at the Alpha Gamma Lambda centennial celebration in 2006 were Zeta chapter initiates.
    Brother Charles H. Wesley was elected General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated in 1932.
    Brother Charles H. Wesley wrote the history book for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, “The History of Alpha Phi Alpha: A Development in College Life.”

    Chapter Facts

    Recent Accomplishments of Zeta Chapter Brothers:
    Assistant Vice President of the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    President of the Black Student Alliance at Yale
    President of the Yale College Chess Club
    President of the National Society of Black Engineers - Yale Chapter
    Afro-American Cultural Center Advisory Board Member
    Artistic Director of the Heritage Theater Ensemble
    President of Steppin' Out Performance Group at Yale


    PO Box 204342
    New Haven, CT 06520
    Chapter website: Zeta1906.weebly.com
    Inter/National website: http://www.alphaphialpha.net/

    Recruitment Info

    For more information about the Zeta Chapter, please see Zeta1906.weebly.com.


    Herlander L. Sousa