• Springfield Alpha Brothers Roles in new program "Men of Color Health Awareness" : MOCHA


    SPRINGFIELD, MA (wfcr) - A new program that aims to improve the health of men of color in Springfield is turning into a local movement. MOCHA, which stands for Men of Color Health Awareness, brings together mostly African-American and Latino men of all ages work out, and to talk. Still in its first year, the program has attracted more than 75 members, who are pledging to improve of the health and spiritual well-being of their communities.


    There are two brothers of ONECA (Theta Iota Lambda) who have been major contributors in the above effort.


    Brother Sanford Jeames – Community Health Professional


    Brother Ronn Johnson – Consulted in the creation of the program and the selection process of its first permanent coordinator.


    On last week National Public Radio covered a special gathering of MOCHA. Please take a few minutes to listen to the segment from the link below. This effort while new is making a difference for the men who have gotten connected. The link below is from a public radio show that is only 4 min and has the voice of both Ronn and Sanford.