Request Reimbursement from ONECA

  • Reimbursement Process - Updated March 2021

    Purpose - Described criteria used to assess, process and disburse reimbursement for ONECA expenses incured by Brothers, vendors or other third parties.

    1. Eligible expenses - Expenses eligible for reimbursement include those approved in the ONECA Budget, expenses mandated by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Regional or National bodies. Other expenses may be eligible for reimbursement after appropriate approval and if the treasurer confirms that there are sufficient funds available

    2. Appropriate review of non-budgeted expenses for amounts up to $100 will consist of approval by the ONECA President. Appropriate review for non-budgeted expenses over $100 will consist of approval by the ONECA President, Treasurer and Financial Secretary.


    3. How to request reimbursement. Submit the form below within 30 days of incurring expense. Reimbursement requests will be processed by the ONECA Treasurer. Questions after your submission should be sent to the