• Martha's Vineyard Committee

    Yves Erwin Salomon
    Kenny Bright
    Norman Graham
    Larry Scott Blackmon
    Edison Canty

    Committee Reports

  • Transportation

    Each Brother is responsible for his own transportation to the island. The committee is not able to coordinate the various transportation options but encourage you to be creative and set up charter bus or other car pooling options. This will help maximize our participation. During registration you will be asked, are you interested in using coordinated transportation if available and also allows you to volunteer to work. setting up transportation i.e. charter bus. Brothers please step up.
    This link below shows all the ferries to Martha's Vineyard, fares and schedules. If you have never taken a car to the island, we suggest you talk to others before reserving a car.

  • Shirts

    We have souvenir t-shirts available for the event at a cost of $30.00 per shirt.  During the registration process you may order your shirts. You may order multiple shirts just specify the number and size of each order. You have the option of having the shirt delivered to your home before the event or you may pick up your shirt on Martha's Vineyard. 

    Brothers who are not attending the special Gala may order souvenir shirts and have them sent to your home address.