ONECA Logo History

  • Bro. Raymond G. Oliver (BSL) - Creator

    The new ONECA logo was designed with the purpose: to display the unification of our Alpha Phi Alpha - New England Chapters. To represent that all Alpha men are Kings/Pharaohs and we, of the District of ONECA, are united under a common banner.

    On the horizon of our founding principles, we as Alpha men uphold the fires of Service and Brotherhood to the utmost.  Those two ideals are represented by the torches at the ends of the ONECA banner.  We also come into Alpha, on the shoulders of our Fraternity's birth and development, which is displayed beneath the Pharaoh with the three pyramids representing the phases of the Fraternity and the year, 1906.

    All of this is encompased about by the unified states of ONECA's Chapters and a solid black ring symbolizing continued excellence on the foundation of the 7 stars (Our Jewels) built in the beginning."