ONECA District II History

  • crestHistory of ONECA (Organization of New England Chapters of Alpha)

    The concept or “birth” of ONECA came about as the result of the Chapters in VA, who were the first of the Districts (of which there are 7 in the Eastern Region) to use an acronym to identify themselves. They chose the acronym VACAPAF, which stands for the Virginia Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

    During a “brain storming” session with other District II Chapters (as all Chapters were only known by a District number), Bro. Thomas Harris IV suggested the acronym of ONECA and later presented it at the following District II Conference. Bro. Harris was President of the BSL (Hartford Alumni) Chapter at the time, and after a vote around 1979-1980, the Organization of New England Chapters of Alpha (ONECA) was born.




    There are 6 states that make up ONECA: CT, MA, RI, NH, ME, and VT. Instrumental Chapters in the foundation building along with BSL was HAL (New Haven, CT), TIL (Springfield, MA), ZPL (Stamford, CT), EGL (Boston, MA) and AG (Brown University).

    As we stand today, close to 30 years later, ONECA is still strong and vibrant in the Greater New England area with 16 Chapters performing the work of Alpha.

    The whistle has sounded and the call is made: “ALL ABOARD! The ONECA Train is leaving the station and is coming through!

  • President/District Directors:      
    Thomas D. Harris IV:   Founder; 1980-1991
    Albert E. Lucas:   1991-1998
    Ramon E. Peralta:   1998-2001, 2002-2003
    Larry Charles, Sr.:   (interim) 2001-2002
    Eugene Schneeberg:   2003-2004
    Jonathan S. White:   2004-2009
    Steven King, Jr.:   2009-2013
    Jhovon Williams   2013-2014
    Marvin L. Venay   2014-2020
    Yves E. Salomon   2020-Present