General Fees

  • Below are FAQ's in the areas of Membership & Chapter Administration, Insurance, and Membership Intake

    Membership and Chapter Administration

    What is the Remittance of Funds-Taxes and Fees form to be used for?

    The Remittance of Funds-Taxes and Fees form is only to be used for the submission of funds for grand tax, chapter tax, late fees, and/or National Housing and Building Fund payments. It is not to be used to add brothers to a chapter’s roster. Adding a member or life member to a roster should be sent separate of the remittance of funds report in writing.

    How do I order membership items?

    The ordering of membership items can be done my mailing or faxing in the Remittance of Funds-Membership Items form. You will need to designate what you are ordering on this form and also include payment for postage and handling. Fraternity pins, duplicate shingles, duplicate passcards, and history books can also be ordered through each brother’s AlphaNet account.

    How do I start a Life Membership Subscription?

    In order to begin the Life Membership Extended Payment plan please complete the Life Membership Application and forward it to the Membership Department for processing. After the initial payment is processed, you are able to make payments through your AlphaNet account with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express or you can mail your payments into the Corporate Headquarters.

    When I enroll in the Life Member Program, am I considered a Life Member at that time?

    No, you will not be listed as a life member in the database until the balance of your subscription is paid in full.


    How do I notify the Corporate Headquarters that a brother has moved into Omega Chapter?

    We appreciate the phone calls and emails from brothers and chapters informing us of a brother’s entering into the Omega Chapter, however in order to have this brother officially moved into the Omega Chapter and recording in the Sphinx Magazine, an Omega Chapter form must be submitted to the Membership Department. After this department moves the brother into the Omega Chapter, the form is forwarded to the Editor-of-the Sphinx for inclusion in the magazine.

    What is the proper procedure to get a member removed from my chapter’s roster?

    Official correspondence is required to have a brother removed from a chapter’s roster. This will need to be received by letter or email so that proper documentation is kept.


    How long does it take a payment sent to the lock box to be processes at the Corporate Headquarters Office?

    This varies depending on the time of year the payment is sent in, however a payment is normally processed within 7-10 business days. Please note that the payment will always post prior to being updated in AlphaNET. We work independently from our financial institution and cannot process the payment until it is forwarded to us from the financial institution.


    How long does it take before membership items are shipped from the membership department?

    The normal turn around time once a payment is received and process is 7-10 business days depending on the time of year. If you do not receive an item within that timeframe, please call the office to check the status of your items.


    When should a chapter send a Member Profile Form with grand tax payments?

    If a member joins your chapter who has been inactive for 3 or more years, the Financial Secretary or Treasurer should have the member complete the form and submit it with the payment. This helps the Membership Department with locating the correct member in the database.

  • Insurance

    How do I receive a certificate of insurance for my chapter’s event?

    In order to receive a certificate of insurance a chapter must submit the Special Event Checklist (SEC) for each event. This form must be complete and signed by the Chapter President and Event Chairman, and for college chapters the Chapter Advisor must also sign.

    When does the Special Event Checklist have to be submitted to ensure that I receive the certificate in time for my chapter’s event?

    All SEC’s must be submitted 21 days prior to the date that the certificate is needed. If the certificate is needed 7 days prior to the event then it should be submitted 28 days in advance. A general rule of thumb should be to submit the form when the chapter decides to have the event.

    The venue wishes to be listed as additionally insured. How do I add them to the certificate?

    The chapter should complete the Additionally Insured Request Form in addition to the SEC.

    How do I file a claim if something goes wrong at the chapter’s event?
    Immediately following the event the chapter should submit the Incident Claim Reporting Form with all supporting documentation (i.e. medical bill, police report, etc.)

    Is the chapter responsible for participant injuries associated with a chapter event?
    No and Yes. Prior to the event all participants should complete the Athletic Event Participation Waiver. If the waivers are not completed, the chapter could be responsible for the injuries and possible medical bills.

  • Membership Intake

    How do I get an application?
    To request an application an aspirant must go to the aspirant section of the website and select “Request an Application.” The application packet will be emailed to the account listed by the aspirant.

    Where do I send my completed application?

    The completed application should be mailed to the respective District Director who oversees the state the chapter you are interested in is located by the deadline date. Do not mail any applications to the Corporate Headquarters.

    How do I get my application number?

    If you created an account in AlphaNet, please use your email address and password to log back in the system. Your ID# is the same number you would use as your application number. If you still are having difficulty locating the number, please call the Corporate Headquarters and request your application number.

    How do I get letters for my application packet?

    It is each aspirant’s responsibility to gather his own letters. One letter of sponsorship and one letter of recomemndation are required to be received from members of the chapter that you attempting to be initiated through.

    What are acceptable forms of payment for my initiation fees?

    The only acceptable form of payment is credit/debit card.