Risk Management Certification


    August 5, 2017


    The Risk Management Documentation is in the process of being updated. However, the changes will not be available in time for many IMDP training sessions for the fall. Risk management is more than managing and monitoring activities during the time we welcome new members into our organization. Risk management is how Alpha Phi Alpha identify, assess, control, avoid, minimize, and eliminate unacceptable risks from all activities and events.


    UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, refer to the following locations from the fraternity's website and ensure members are aware of the information during IMDP training. This information is to be communicated as members receive IMDP certification until new risk management and certification materials are available.



    1. Insurance & Risk Management Information: http://www.apa1906.net/insuranceandrisk
    2. Insurance and Risk Management Documents: http://www.apa1906.net/forms#Insur%20and%20Riskmd

    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. will always focus on continuous improvement of reducing and eliminating risks that can harm our image, reputation, and brand. Every chapter and member is held accountable in knowing and understanding the information regarding how risks are mitigated within this organization.


    Please ensure this information is provided during IMDP training until further notice.

    Questions regarding Risk Management may be directed to Membersupport@apa1906.net or insurance@apa1906.net.